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Alliance and coalition Mumble details
« on: 2017 January 16, 11:35:11 »
Dear all interested parties,

Please see below our voice coms details. YF and CVA uses Mumble:

Yulai Federation Mumble
Server Address:
Port: 64738
Username: your YF forum username
Password: your YF forum password

To register on the server please first register on the YF forums at API key required. Then use your forum login details for logging onto YF Mumble, both for username and password. Password will be asked for after trying to log on for the first time

CVA Mumble (Coalition Comms)
Server Address: OR if that fails use
Port: 64738
Username: your CVAforum username
Password: your CVAforum password

First register with the CVA Forum - - complete the process, then log on to the Mumble server with same details as you use when logging onto forum.